by | May 22, 2020

I went to work yesterday and earned myself a wage.

A pretty standard Australian thing to do, where I exchanged my time for money…

But, guess what.

After the eight hours I spent at work, making money for myself and my family – not one cent of that will actually go into my pocket. 

Do you know who I really worked for? The ATO!!

Say what??

As a PAYG earner the ATO pretty much owns all the time and effort I spend working each Monday (as they do yours), once they take their share of my earnings.

Pretty crazy right?!

My clients think I’m nuts when I say that the ATO owns your Monday. Here’s the bad news though, it’s not just your Monday that’s taken away from you.


What about the rest of the week?

After Superannuation, mortgage/rent, bills, insurance, kids expenses, I could go on and on; how much do you really take home?

More importantly, how are you going to make the most of it to get ahead financially?


The solution to this problem is finding a way to earn money while you are not working.

If you’re interested, I’d love to show you, “Who really owns you”, how you can make the most of what you’ve got – and how property as investment vehicle can help you secure a better financial future for you and your children.


You don’t want to be sitting in basically the same position as you were in 5 years time, thinking to yourself I wish I did something.

At our next Property Investor Masterclass we will take you through our exercise to determine where your money goes each week, and how our property investment strategies can help you create a successful property portfolio.

This is your opportunity to get all the inside know-how from leaders in the industry. Both experienced and first-time investors tell us they gain invaluable information from our Property Investor Education events.

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6 Ways To Speed-Up Your Next Property Purchase 

6 Ways To Speed-Up Your Next Property Purchase 

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Property investing: Five ways to create cashflow boom!

Property investing: Five ways to create cashflow boom!

When it comes to property investment there are some things you can never have enough of.

When it comes to property investment there are some things you can never have enough of. Good tenants, reliable builders, a great relationship with your bank.

But more than anything what you need is good cash flow. 

Having a steady income of cash means never having to dip into your own pocket to top up repayments, complete repairs or make another purchase.

Here are the top five ways you can ensure the cash keeps flowing, so you can keep your investment portfolio growing. 

Lock it in! How to protect your equity

Don’t be caught without it.
As a property investor who is building a portfolio, it’s vital that you have access to your equity whenever you need it. 
There’s nothing more frustrating than finding that perfect new property to purchase, only for it to be held up – or worse still, lost completely – because your finances weren’t in good shape.
Having an interest-only loan structure with a healthy off-set account is a great way to ensure you have equity at your fingertips whenever you need it, but that’s not the only way…