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The Role of a Well-Managed Owners Corporation

Jul 8, 2024 | Podcasts, Property Investor Tales

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Welcome to Property Investor Tales, Stories From The Front Yard, where I talk to property investors from around Australia about their investing journey. My name is Tabitha Bright and I’m head of Coaching and Advising here at Positive Real Estate, where we help people build wealth through property.

Today’s guest is Stefanie Palazzolo, part of our team here at positive real estate, and she and I discuss doing due diligence on developers. So you know your product super important, how to safely buy off the plan and why body corporate is actually a really important vehicle to add value to your asset. So enjoy this conversation with Stef and I.

03:48 Dispelling Misconceptions about Apartments

07:09 The Importance of Working with Reputable Developers

11:21 The Role of a Well-Managed Owners Corporation

15:22 The Impact of a Quality Team on Property Investing

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