Tim Gilderdale
Tim Gilderdale

Property Strategist

Meet Tim Gilderdale, a dedicated Property Strategist who is passionate about helping investors build and grow successful property portfolios. Tim comes with a solid background, holding a Master’s in Applied Finance and a Bachelor’s in Commerce, specializing in Economics and Finance. He’s also a qualified Property Investment Adviser, a certified mortgage broker, and a licensed real estate agent.

Tim is deeply interested in understanding real estate markets, investment strategies, and economic trends. He’s committed to using this knowledge to help his clients make smart investment choices.

One of Tim’s standout successes was securing a property deal in Springfield, QLD, where he helped a client who had previously had a bad experience. This deal not only helped the client get back on track but also set them up for a more secure retirement. On the flip side, Tim’s cautious nature saved him from a bad investment in Zetland, NSW, where he spotted potential issues with a property that looked good on the surface but had underlying problems.

Tim believes in being adaptable and says being flexible can help navigate through any challenge. This mindset, along with his commitment to his family and continuous learning, drives him to excel both personally and professionally.