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12 Must Know Rules of Property Investing

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Podcasts, Urban Property Investor

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Investing comes with rules, and because of that, it’s a great path to guarantee wealth creation. So in the show today, we are talking about some of the rules that we need to understand when it comes to building a portfolio and creating wealth out of property. We will be tackling 12 of the top rules today, and hopefully, you will walk away with the best path for yourself as a property investor.

4:50 – Rule #1 and #2 – Don’t lose money!

10:31 – Rule #3 – Real estate is driven through compounding growth

16:06 – Rule #4 The 10/30 rule for maintaining your assets

23:21 – Rule #5 – The 50/30/20 Rule – Basic budgeting for before you start investing

30:07 – Rule #6 – The 75% Rule – Why your renovation project didn’t turn a profit

37:19 – Rule #7 – Rule 20 – Defining your success in real estate

39:40 – Rule #8 – The 30% Rule – Choosing the right tennant

42:21 – Rule #9 – Rule 43 – The value of newer properties

44:49 – Rule #10 – Rule 40 – How to save on your taxes

46:31 – Rule #11 – The 50% Rule – My least favorite rule!

50:30 – Rule #12 – The 1% Club and how to get into it

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