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13 Ways To Create More Cashflow

by | Dec 22, 2021 | Podcasts, Urban Property Investor

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This is the Christmas edition of the Urban Property Investor. Is your portfolio set up to handle market kryptonite? On this episode, I discuss 13 ways to get more cashflow. From spatial transformation to hotelification, this episode will get your imagination buzzing over the Christmas period. This is one of the best lessons I can possibly teach you, so I am giving it to you as a Christmas gift, whilst I’m swimming with turtles on Lord Howe Island.

5:17 – Ask yourself this before you invest in a property

10:38 – Inequality and how it impacts your retirement

15:44 – Rent increases are not guaranteed

22:26 – 25% of the population is broke!

57:43 – Retiring off Airbnb bookings

1:03:27 – Hotelification of real estate

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