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Are You A Hope And Pray Investor

by | Aug 5, 2020 | Podcasts, Urban Property Investor

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There’s nothing wrong with praying and hoping for good things to happen in life, but it’s not the real estate investment strategy I recommend.

On this episode, I share the strategies I DO recommend, from the broader perspective of Australia’s business plan and how it impacts you, the investor.

1:15 – Are you a hope and pray investor

3:37 – Most people are one month away from being broke

6:05 – Are you paying too much tax?

7:28 – Most people get real estate wrong

8:28 – Are you the one in 100?

9:22 – Australia is a Ponzi scheme

10:40 – Asset Rich Cash Poor – Is a Joke

11:40 – Money beliefs

12:30 – What’s your retirement plan?

13:40 – Have you ever been to LAKE WEIRDO?

14:55 – How much do you need to retire?

16:57 – Six drivers that grow real estate

18:42 – Australia’s 2051 Population Projection

19:43 – 4 Forms of Growth

20:38 – How I buy Apple shares with rental income

22:04 – Minimizing Tax through Real Estate

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