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Back to the Future: Space vs Place

by | Sep 30, 2020 | Podcasts, Urban Property Investor

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Get ready for a trip back to the future! This episode is a bit of a brain bender in that you may never think of real estate in the same way ever again!

If you grew up with a room full of records, a shelf full of videotapes or DVDs or a shelf full of books, you’ll know that all of them can now be reduced down to the size of your phone or tablet.

Real estate is experiencing a metamorphosis from space to place. What do I mean? Check it all out on this episode.

3:25 – Beach tracks and red doors in Scotlands. Desire Lines are everywhere and they impact all of us

7:35 – The wisdom of buying a property 30 years before you live in it

8:41 – The one thing I’ve hated about being a property investor

10:03 – The Third Place

16:26 – One could argue we’ve gone back 50 years

27:55 – Bilbao, Spain and Hobart, Tasmania as place-making icons

20:52 – The Rank Arena TV

33:05 – Identifying The most desirable suburbs in Australia

38:25 – Bondi 20 years was a shithole

39:45 – If you want a $4000 suit, go to this example of placemaking.

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