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How I Buy Real Estate with Superannuation

by | Aug 4, 2021 | Podcasts, Urban Property Investor

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We are code-cracking superannuation, the idea of having your own self-managed super fund. I am not licensed to give advice on this, but I will share what I know. Please don’t take anything I am about to tell you as real financial advice, and please consult your financial advisor for real guidance on how to navigate this topic. What I am able to share is my experience and story buying my own property inside of a superannuation fund. My story is different from yours, so you might not be able to replicate it. The purpose of this episode is to share my experience and explain why I value creating debt-free investments to fund my retirement.

I also discuss –

6:32 – Superannuation might help you meet your retirement minimum

9:03 – You can’t count on the pension

10:17 – 7 ways to design your retirement lifestyle

19:36 – Who should NOT invest in the property market

24:13 – Is superannuation in real estate right for you?

33:26 – My personal journey with superannuation

37:21 – How I use superannuation for debt-free real estate

53:01 – Pay off your property in 6 years

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