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How To Find The Perfect Apartment

by | Dec 16, 2020 | Podcasts, Urban Property Investor

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Frontage, floor plans and natural light. Metreage versus volume and circulation space, storage space and community space. These are just some of the major considerations to make when looking at investing in apartments.

Most investors never crack the code of apartments. Small, completely dysfunctional apartments exist everywhere. Knowing how to decipher the best from the rest will make you so glad you made apartments a part of your portfolio.

1:20 I’m taking you on a journey to save my mum, economically speaking

5:44 – Why the net returns of apartments often outstrip houses

7:44 – Frontage

9:44 – Floor Plans and volume

10:44 – Circulation Space

12:50 – Natural Light essentials

18:00 – Circulation space …

22:00 – Why orientation is really important

23:19 – Storage Space …

26:30 – Community space …

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