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How to Make Money in House & Land

by | Apr 7, 2021 | Podcasts, Urban Property Investor

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This episode is dedicated to my beautiful dog Hannah, who has died. Pets can teach us so much about life.

House and land can be an incredibly attractive investment – when done right. And if done wrong, it can be a financial nightmare.

On this episode, I take you through 8 essential ingredients for succeeding at house and land. If you already have it – score yourself – and if you’re considering investing in H&L, make sure you listen to this episode in full and check all 8 items off before putting in an offer!

1:31 – This episode dedicated to my beloved dog

6:36 – Not all land is good

10:38 – Types of urban house and land communities

14:51 – What to look for in urban properties

23:50 – You need green space! (future gold)

27:57 – Discretionary money can hijack markets

29:26 – Walkability and why you need it

32:57 – The risks with new developments

36:48 – The rare earth effect

38:28 – How to be a successful armchair developer

43:25 – Don’t be afraid to employ professionals

46:20 – Price is everything

49:52 – There will always be demand for the right house

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