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How To Ride The Real Estate Wave

by | Nov 18, 2020 | Podcasts, Urban Property Investor

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Are you ready to ride the next big wave of real estate? Most people are looking for the big wave, but I’m here to tell you the undercurrent is where the money’s made. Being able to understand the undercurrent of real estate – which I outline in this episode – will save you from disaster and also help you maximise your investment.

1:37 – Do you have BBQ Flu?

5:20 – Cash in the bank is useless

20:01 – The Rental Crisis

22:50 – How Property Supply Works

29:42 – The Real Estate Bloodbath Is Coming

32:39 – Sam’s Wealth Warning

34:58 – Do You Ride The Wave Or Undercurrent?

35:58 – Millennials, Ageing, Japan, Sex & Asahi

39:47 – Millennials and Bunnings

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