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Looking Inside The Real Estate Crystal Ball

by | May 11, 2022 | Podcasts, Urban Property Investor

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On this episode of Urban Property Investor, I take a look through the crystal ball of real estate and tell you what I see. From two-home families to the future of bitcoin, I cover a truckload of topics in this episode. The future of real estate is toilets – yes, you heard me right! The needs vs wants game is only intensifying, and the impending undersupply of apartments is on its way.

Grab a notepad, put on your futurist hat and let’s look together at what the future of real estate looks like.

3:11 – The Tech Future of Real Estate

6:35 – The Toto Toilet Effect

11:47 – The Fall of Discretionary Assets

20:47 – Rich are Getting Richer, a Bundle Experience

39:43 – Apartment Boom and Perfect Real Estate Marketplace

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