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Mastering Money Shameshot list

by | Feb 10, 2021 | Podcasts, Urban Property Investor

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I had to battle some big money shame demons growing up. I’ve since learnt that I wasn’t alone! Did you know most people feel ashamed about money and their financial status! Remember, no one is born knowing anything about money. Most of us get to our adult life with no comprehension about money. And that’s OK. Warren Buffet wasn’t extremely wealthy until his late 50s. If you’re hard on yourself around money and not recognising that it is a continuous learning process, your money muscles will remain small. This is a big conversation; I hope you enjoy.

2:51 – Mental health and money shame

7:24 – The Australian and NZ financial classes

10:48 – I Am Sydney’s Chernobyl Boy

14:54 – Fights Don’t Solve Money Problems

22:28 – Conquering Money Shame

34:48 – Money muscle

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