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My First Investment Property Was A Train Wreck

by | Jul 29, 2020 | Podcasts, Urban Property Investor

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Any experienced real estate investor that tells you they’ve never had a failure or made a bad decision is lying!

Having personally invested for over two decades, purchased dozens of properties and helped thousands of Australians by billions of dollars in real estate, I can say that most of my decisions have paid off handsomely.

But my first investment – and perhaps my greatest lesson – was a doozie.

$30,000 went down the sink, and whilst it was painful to experience, I’m so grateful that it happened.

4:15 Speaking Swedish

5:53 What’s Wrong with Socialism

7:44 Swedish Bottle Shops & Socialism

9:50 – Throwing parties for refugees in Sweden

14:02 My XMAS Decorations Business went bust

17:33 My first property was a train wreck

19:44 Most Real Estate Agents Are Broke

21:59 What I learnt from losing $30k on my first property deal

23:00 Meeting my business partner Jason Whitton

26:42 Being broke

31:49 Real Estate Riches & The 10,000 Hour Rule

32:57 The only reason you would go to Moree

34:37 Buying Four Houses for $5k each

37:14 Nuggets from this episode

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