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Real Estate Cash Cows

by | Sep 16, 2020 | Podcasts, Urban Property Investor

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Many Australians love Kochie’s Cash Cow on Sunrise because it gives out money! But there’s a better cash cow out there – real estate. Good real estate provides even more cash than Kochie’s cash cow, and on this episode, I look at the many ways the real estate cash cow spits out income.

7:50 – Why You Need A Cash Cow!

11:30 – Are you planning growth or guessing growth?

12:30 – Real Estate Monopoly

15:05 – Don’t invest in Ghost Towns!

16:39 – Cashflow vs Growth aka Regional vs Urban


33:22 – PODS Pedestrian Oriented Developments

34:13 – Avoid the outskirts at all costs

36:10 – Walking is the new cash cow

40:38 – Why Melbourne has coronavirus

41:50 – 96% of real estate is real estate you have to drive to

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