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The 2022 Property Pep Talk

by | Feb 2, 2022 | Podcasts, Urban Property Investor

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I’m back for 2022 and this ep is the first “live” episode for the year. Yes, you’ve been listening to the best of 21 for the last four weeks – which I apologise for – but I really needed a break after a big year.

This episode is the pep talk we need to have before you catapult into 2022. What do I see the market doing? What did I observe over the break? Where are we in the cycle? And why is most money and capitalism actually fake? And what impact does that have on you as the investor?

All this and more on the first “real” episode for 2022. Enjoy!

2:05 – I disappeared off the face of the earth for four weeks (and what I observed during the break)

13:54 – There are no more cheap hot spots

22:28 – Case Study: Berry NSW

25:12 – Where I see the market in 2022

28:15 – How To Win Real Estate Monopoly

31:35 – Laziness Has Cost Me BIG TIME

35:36 – Things have changed forever

46:00 – Problems are a sign of life

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