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The 8 Risks of Property Investing

by | Jun 8, 2022 | Podcasts, Urban Property Investor

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You can’t deny that there’s an element of risk in any type of investment. What smart investors do is mitigate as much risk as they can comfortably deal with.

Today I’m going to expose the 8 major risks of investing in real estate. Technically I’m talking about four risks and four gaps, but even the gaps are risks!

And if anyone ever tells you property is a no-risk game, run away as fast as you can! I want to share with you the truths behind property investing so please take notes because

I want you to consider these risks every time you look at a deal.

7:14 – Why investing is a 20+ year game?

10:12 – Worry about ownership rather than buying

36:44 – Upkeeping property upkeeps value

45:00 – Locations outperform markets

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