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The Biggest Lie of Investing Revealed

by | Sep 22, 2021 | Podcasts, Urban Property Investor

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You have been lied to… by you! Today we are talking about the biggest lie you have been telling yourself about real estate investment and your wealth creation journey. Want to know what it is? I could just TELL you, but then you wouldn’t learn. It’s embedded in this podcast – feel free to DM me when you think you’ve found it!

Today, I am talking about some key lessons I learned from Dr. Andrew Wilson, a housing economist and a funny bloke. He is a member of the Chartered Surveyors Community, a wealth of knowledge, and a voice of reason when it comes to real estate investment. I’ve adapted his predictions into my strategies and share them with you today!

On this episode, I discuss –

12:11 – The rules of real estate are changing

16:00 – Why Are Prices Rising?

19:33 – The reality behind inflation

20:13 – The Great Loan Boom (and how to get in)

24:34 – Why Houses are outperforming apartments

26:44 – What Brisbane’s population spike teaches us

34:27 – Don’t worry about interest rates!

38:56 – When you don’t care about the economy

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