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The Future of Real Estate

by | Jul 14, 2021 | Podcasts, Urban Property Investor

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This episode is all about the FUTURE! Picture this – for every two properties we already have, we need to build another one to accommodate our growing population. Specifically, we will need about 1.7 million new dwellings in New South Wales alone in the future. We will have to increase the amount of real estate by 30 percent and Sydney is currently the second most expensive city on earth, so where is all of this new real estate going to come from? Will there be government initiatives to help people get into the market and create more dwellings? What it certainly means is if you make the right investments today and hold on, you could be retiring on a lot of income in the future.

I also discuss –

6:05 – Your retirement

9:19 – Why Australian real estate is about to blow up

12:39 – Why invest in hospital-belt real estate

18:47 – We are way behind in wage growth

24:03 – How cryptocurrency influences real estate

28:23 – Built to rent as the future of real estate

34:33 – Where will people live in the future?

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