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The Poorest Boy in the Richest Suburb – The War Stories

by | Jul 22, 2020 | Podcasts, Urban Property Investor

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Welcome to the very first episode of the Urban Property Investor! I can’t wait to help you crack the code to real estate wealth.

Over episodes one and two, I’ll be sharing with you my “war stories” from over 20 years of investing. I do this not to brag or seek sympathy but to show you that the path to real estate wealth is anything but linear.

2:58 – Growing up the poorest boy in the richest suburb (and getting around in a Datsun Sunny

7:10: My Dad took a bullet for the family (don’t worry, not literally) to help create financial wealth

12:29 – Worries around COVID19 – the fear is palpable

14:23 – Limiting beliefs about money

16:16 – Getting kicked off the rugby team and listening to wealth creation tapes.

19:00 – Being rejected from Crows Nest Tafe. Stuff you Crows Nest Tafe!

20:00 – You gotta fight for what you want

21:00 – The old days of finding Mr or Mrs Right. It was so hard!

21:20 – Sweden to Sydney

23:15 – Passive income

28:40 – Real Estate agents don’t own real estate

29:45 – My dad gave me a box of cigars to enjoy six Cuban cigar moments whilst overseas

30:50 – The final cigar moment happened after being banged up abroad.

37:05 – I grew up in Beverley Hills 90210. I grew up with Banker Wankers, Moguls, Yuppies & Rich Kids.

38:20 What I missed when I was in jail

40:32 – You can’t let the setbacks hold you back

40:58 – My final lesson …

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