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The Rebirth of Real Estate

by | Oct 21, 2020 | Podcasts, Urban Property Investor

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Urban Rebirth is happening right in front of our eyes, never more so than during COVID-19. 24-hour cities, so long a normal part of Europe are on the agenda for Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. To understand how this shapes your investing decisions, think no further than the 5km radius rule implemented in Melbourne during lockdown.

4:00 – Born Again Property!

5:48 – Why do we shop late Thursday nights

9:54 – Do you love where you live?

14:38 – 5km Radius Decision

16:36 – 1800 CHAT2SAM

19:54 – The 5km rule

21:18 – The Third Place

28:20 – The Rebirth of Cities

28:57 – 24 Hour Cities Are Here

31:05 – The Superblock Effect

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