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Will Real Estate Grow into the Future?

by | Aug 19, 2020 | Podcasts, Urban Property Investor

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Welcome to a jam-packed episode!

There’s a lot of concern in the marketplace around real estate. Is capital growth dead? What will happen when the mortgage holiday ends? What will investors do when their tenant’s JobKeeper ends?

1:35 – Will real estate grow into the future?

2:35 – Coronavirus Frustrations

5:37 – Making money whilst you nap

6:21 – Capital growth is very much under threat

7:39 – Quality questions to ask before you invest

9:20 – Most Australians are broke

10:15 – Australia’s shrinking middle class

11:21 – Lifestyle tenants vs broke tenants (Long but GOOD)

15:55 – Struggle Street, Lake Weirdo & The Pensioner Economy

18:10 – 5 Investment Property Must-Haves

19:31 – The challenge for property investors

24:00 – The rise of the broke renter is real

30:49 – Real Estate is holding itself together

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