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Win The Race Against Time

by | Dec 23, 2020 | Podcasts, Urban Property Investor

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How do you treat time? What is your relationship with time like? At times likes this (Merry Christmas!), people think they have no time. But think about it, time is all we have!

And from an investing point of view – you’re doing well if you live for three property cycles. Yes, only three. Each cycle goes for approximately 15 years, and most people don’t fully appreciate how quickly that time goes.

So, if you feel like time is running out, or perhaps you feel like you still have plenty of time – listen up! This interview was made just for you 🙂

5:30 – Reflecting on 2020

11:37 – Is Your Time Slipping Away?

16:27 – Change Your Life Today

22:28 – Do What You Love & Grow Rich

27:38 – Why Are You Here?

31:32 – Do things easy and life will be hard

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