Vicky Hines

Property Investment Adviser

Vicky’s personal journey as a Property Investor started 16 years ago. In 2007 Vicky joined Positive Real Estate as a Victorian Mentoring Client. It was here she realised her passion for Property Education. Having built her own portfolio from the ground up, she knew she wanted to help others do the same and create passive income through property. In 2018 Vicky joined Positive Real Estate at a Property Investment Coach.

Vicky migrated to Australia from the UK with her husband 20 years ago. A budding freelance journalist at the time, she found herself with an 8 week article in a UK Newspaper, distributed to prospective migrants entitled “Building a House in Australia”. It was the beginning of Vicky’s Property Investment Journey when they bought a parcel of land and began building their first home. From there her love of property has only grown.

Today Vicky is an asset to the Positive Team, Coaching clients in Victoria. She believes that success is a result of lots of small “wins” and the key to success is consistent effort.

Job title: Property Investment Coach

Why I like my job: I love helping people achieve their goals!

Qualifications official:
VIC Cert IV Finance & Mortgage Broking 462919
Cert IV Real Estate (Agents Representative)
Cert IV in Training & Assessment, BA (Hons) Business Studies

Life qualifications: Property Investing for 16 years across 3 states in Australia and throughout the Global Financial Crisis – I’ve had enough “hairy” moments as a landlord and Property Investor to empathise with my clients. I have personally lived and breathed the markets performance and understand most challenges which have a tendency to arise over the lifespan of an investor.

Past life qualifications: Pre-kids I used to work in Retail Purchasing and spent 5 years selling online retail. I also tried my hand at Property Management for a while (“a tough gig”).

Interests: Writing – one day I’ll write the book I’ve promised I’ll finish for the past 25 years! Animal lover, a thirst for knowledge and of course travel. My husband and I plan to be transient in retirement and “see parts of Europe we missed”.

Hidden talents: I’m a “dog with a bone” with new ideas – don’t mention an idea to me if you’re not serious, I’ll come back with a full plan on how to achieve it!

Special coaching skill: I’m a detailed Property Investor and I love a spreadsheet or two!

Time with PRE: My journey with PRE started as a Mentoring Client in 2007. My professional journey as a Property Investment Coach started in 2018.

How long you have been investing in real estate: 16 years!

Best deal: Our house, simply because we’ve had it the longest!

Worst deal: A unit in Regional Queensland

Biggest lesson: Buy the best real estate you can, when you can.

Passionate about: Family, Health, Wealth.

How many PRE properties do you own: I’ve purchased 5 Property Investments through PRE.

Favourite saying: Let’s do the numbers!

Favorite movie: (Cringing) Sorry… Dirty Dancing!

Favourite colour: Red

Favourite book: Creating A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw

Favourite holiday location: Skiathos, Greece