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How Does an Investor Lose $36k in a Boom Market?

Sep 16, 2021 | Podcasts, Wealth Coffee Chats

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Investing is a mind game once the nuts and bolts are added to the mix, so how does it happen? The answer may surprise you. Let’s Wealth Coffee Chat!

1:05– How did an investor lose money in the middle of a booming market?

4:06– Investing is an emotional roller coaster

6:05– comparing townhouse prices from 2018 to now

9:00– Acquisition property manager will help you connect with the right real estate

10:45– How the investor got off track

12:24– The investors’ problem was he got advice from a local real estate agent

14:43– Rent goes up and that’s normal

17:08– We can’t control the future

19:14– Your emotions dictate how you behave

20:42– Get control of the victim so you can go the distance

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