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How many properties do I need to create a passive income of $100k in 15 years?

Feb 10, 2022 | Podcasts, Wealth Coffee Chats

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Well it’s a good question and in-fact you need to understand that it’s not only the number of properties but WHEN, WHERE and WHAT you buy that will make all the difference. Let’s Wealth Coffee Chat!

5:10 How many properties do you need to crack a $100K income in 15 years?

6:41 Our new forecaster / calculator.

8:47 First investment property.

9:30 Second investment property.

10:10 Third investment property.

13:17 Fourth & fifth investment properties.

14:36 It’s not all about the number of properties.

15:07 Timeframes are very important.

17:06 What can wealthy-on-paper people do to have cashflow?

21:14 And what can we do in 30 years?

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