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What Are the 3 Main Stages of Investing?

Sep 27, 2021 | Podcasts, Wealth Coffee Chats

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How can we, as property investors, apply the right methodology to achieve our goals for the future. Come find out the right choices to help build your property portfolio.

0:43– Introduction- Welcome back

3:29– The stuff that applies to Property Investing

4:18– We’re all chasing something in property

5:13– looking to achieve something in the future as a property investor

6:02– Passive Income

6:42 – Goals are a lagging measure

7:59– The reality of property

9:59– Takes time to get going

11:34– Leading behaviour

14:05– Prediction of hitting out goals in the future

14:56– Three stages of investing

17:01– Number one predictive behaviour

18:16– How to maintain those properties

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