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2 Children 5 Properties No Excuses

Sep 27, 2021 | Podcasts, Property Investor Tales

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Welcome to episode 2 of Property Investor Tales – Stories From The Front Yard!

Each week I get to speak to property investors from around Australia about their investing journeys. As the head of coaching at Positive Real Estate, I’ve been fortunate to connect with thousands of investors who have a story to tell. My hope is that from these incredible investors, your own investing journey is made that little bit easier.

Jarred Redmond is my guest today and what an investment journey he has been on. Jarred is a husband and father to two young children and has five investment properties in his portfolio.

Jarred was a client of Positive Real Estate for five years before joining us recently as a property investment coach. He shares a number of learnings from his career so far as a property investor – much of which I’m sure you’ll get plenty from.

Enjoy this conversation with Jarred!

1:41 – Mum and dad laid out the path to investment

2:21 – First house purchase in Hoppers Crossing at 22 years of age

5:16 – Investing whilst getting married and having children

6:59 – Our path to five investment properties

7:51 – Not all tenants are as they seem

10:18 – The power of real estate education

11:18 – Dealing with COVID and investing

15:16 – Over $400k equity from our first purchase

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