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Creating a $6 Million Portfolio with Ananda Perera

Mar 21, 2022 | Podcasts, Property Investor Tales

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Ananda Perera has a portfolio of eight properties worth in excess of $6.6 million. On this episode, Ananda explains how he did it. From the belief systems he had to remove (around fear), to the importance of letting people in (his six-star team), and to recognising that he had been investing without a clear strategy to begin with.

Ananda’s success story spans dozens of countries. He is married with two children, and shares his emigration story as well as the challenges of losing his job as a result of the mining downturn years ago.

An inspiring story, and one that we hope you enjoy!

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3:30 – Investing in property without guidelines

8:45 – My first investment property

11:25 – I want to grow financially with my family

13:30 – Dealing with the struggling of losing my job

15:05 – The power of knowledge in investing

16:00 – Eight properties in the portfolio

26:30 – The importance of having a team

33:05 – How to achieve your goals – focus, patience and persistence

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