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From Drug Raids to Real Estate Success with Kel Watts

Jun 6, 2022 | Podcasts, Property Investor Tales

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Kel Watts has had a wild ride as a property investor. From the get go of this interview, Kel shares the story of renting his PPR out to a drug mule (obviously without his knowledge), and the drama that created it.

But in true investor fashion, he didn’t let this experience stop him from investing in real estate. Kel’s experiences taught him the value of a mentor – someone who is emotionally detached from your experiences and portfolio – and how this relationship has contributed to his success.

Today, Kel is a part of the 1% club – the group of Australian investors who own three or more pieces of real estate – and has so much wisdom to share.

Enjoy the episode!

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3:15 – A drug mule rented out my PPR (and I only found out when the Federal Police raided the home)

15:35 – Prioritising a property mentor

18:35 – Having the courage to change mentors or find a mentor you click with

23:35 – Deciding to share or not share their investment journey with friends and family

29:37 – Breaking life down in to 20-year chapters

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