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From Saving $2 a Week to Owning a Multi Million Dollar Portfolio with Adam Salmon

Jun 13, 2022 | Podcasts, Property Investor Tales

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Adam Salmon has an incredible story of investing as well as a remarkable life story. At 22, he found out that he was going to be a father. As an apprentice carpenter earning $380 a week, Adam and his partner could only save $2 a week. They didn’t let that stop them though, and today Adam joins me on the podcast as a seasoned investor with an awesome portfolio.

With so many lessons in his life story and investing adventure, I think you’ll love this episode!

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3:35 – Finding out unexpectedly that a baby was on the way when he was 22 years old

7:15 – Doing my own feasibility studies to create my first investment opportunities in dual occupancy (battle axe subdivision)

16:45 – The mistakes of selling early (leaving profit and cashflow on the table)

27:55 – Saving $2 per week

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