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Property Investor Tales – From Supreme Court to Success with Lila Ghani

Apr 4, 2022 | Podcasts, Property Investor Tales

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Lila Ghani is our Head of Contracts at Positive Real Estate. On this episode, she shares her wealth of knowledge she has gathered with a background in legal as well as a love of real estate. It sounds like nothing could go wrong – right? But in this conversation, Lila shares the valuable lessons she’s gathered over many years.

From a Supreme Court case that lasted seven years after the GFC, to the rookie errors that even the most experienced investors can make, Lila openly shares her wisdom on contracts, developments and lessons all investors need to be aware of.

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2:11 – Making rookie errors (even when you’re experienced)

6:10 – What to look for in a contract

9:35 – Normal problems vs abnormal problems in real estate

11:05 – When life gets in the way of settlement

14:45 – Awkward neighbourly relationships (and potential for property value to be impacted)

19:30 – Challenges during the GFC

25:45 – Bouncing back from a seven-year Supreme Court case

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