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Kiyosaki, Cashflow & Capital Gains with Megan Wolfenden

Jan 24, 2022 | Podcasts, Property Investor Tales

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Megan Wolfenden has invested in all kinds of real estate in Australia and the US. Having put money down on her first investment property in 1994, Megan has a wide range of experiences to share with us. She’s invested for cash flow, invested for capital gains, invested in commercial real estate, invested in multiple countries, and so much more. The victories, the big lessons, the funny stories, and the advice to budding investors are all contained in this jam-packed chat full of wisdom with Megan.

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4:54– Not everything used to be online so what did you do?

11:05– Using a Robert Kiyosaki strategy without enough education

12:03 – Lessons from investing since 1994

20:39 – The importance of great property managers

22:10 – never lived in a new place yet

24:10 – Don’t invest alone; you can’t know all the right questions to ask

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