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Patience To Profits with Kristen and David

May 9, 2022 | Podcasts, Property Investor Tales

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Kristen and David started investing when they had three children under five years of age. They’ve ridden many highs and lows – from holding property that had appreciated very little, to having the same properties explode in value and rental yields. And they have a cracking story on how they saved $15,000 per year simply by renegotiating their interest rate with their bank. The moral of this episode is to hold your real estate, no matter how “boring” it might be at times.

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1:35 – We knew nothing about investing

5:15 – Buying properties is the fun part

9:17 – Setting expectations on property managers

19:45 – We’ve had some highs and some real lows too

27:35 – Being proactive with paperwork

28:45 – Renegotiating loans to save money

30:45 – Saving $15k in interest

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