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Retired by 50 with Sharen Carruthers

Nov 22, 2021 | Podcasts, Property Investor Tales

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Sharen Carruthers had a goal to invest in real estate and be retired by 50. She achieved her life’s dream with two weeks to spare and then did as many retired people do. She travelled the world to all the places she wanted to. She gave her time to family and some business interests. And then … she got bored.

This exciting, inspiring and enlightening conversation with Sharen demonstrates that sometimes our goals and dreams are there to open up a new possibility of what’s next. It’s not always the achievement of a goal that is the magic. It’s the opportunity that the achievement. And Sharen shares all of that on this episode of Property Investor Tales. Enjoy!

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1:26 – Retiring at 50, and getting bored quickly

4:01 – Why we wanted you onboard

9:25 – Acknowledging the resistance

14:28 – Harmless incident

19:11 – Always good to have an opinion

24:59 – Playing the victim

30:53 – Getting the right support

35:27 – Dropping the fear

39:49 – Lessons learnt from investing

43:01 – The constant anxiety

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