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Tab’s Life Lessons

Mar 4, 2024 | Podcasts, Property Investor Tales

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Instead of inviting a guest along for this episode Tabitha has a raw, but important conversation about why investing in property, and yourself is so critical for your future. Tab shares her personal journey, lessons learned and how it’s important to have some financial stability behind you. It’s great to set goals as we do as part of our Coaching and Mentoring program here at Positive Real Estate and it’s equally important to focus some of those goals on the unknowns.

This personal episode contains some profanity as well as discussions around themes of terminal illness and losing loved ones. So, if there are any triggers for you, please feel free to skip this episode.

0:03 – Property investing and seeking help.
4:26 – Wills, debt, and financial planning after a spouse’s death.
10:10 – Investing, self-development, and personal growth.
14:37 – Investing for financial security and peace of mind.
21:33 – Coping with illness and loss.
26:42 – Prioritising health, wealth, and relationships.
31:16 – Investing in property and personal growth.

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