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Turning Equity into 3 Properties with Diana & James Swadling

Mar 7, 2022 | Podcasts, Property Investor Tales

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Diana and James Swadling bought their home ten years ago and accrued a good amount of equity in the process.

Having decided to invest that equity in real estate, they encountered a number of challenges with the bank. As business owners, they had a mountain of work to do in order to please the banks.

But in a tremendous story of grit and bravery, Diana and James, with the help of the team at Positive Real Estate, have gone on to purchase three properties.

Enjoy this conversation with Diana and James!

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3:15 – The difficulties of getting finance when you’re self-employed

8:15 – Tapping in to the knowledge of experts

10:15 – Buying three properties in quick succession

11:35 – Off the plan properties

17:30 – Setting income goals as business owners

29:30 – Being diligent and brave

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