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Property Manager Relationships

May 27, 2024 | Podcasts, Property Investor Tales

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In this episode of Property Investor Tales, Tabitha Bright interviews Stephen and Sandrina from the R&W Plus Property Management team. They discuss the importance of having a successful relationship with your property manager and the do’s and don’ts for landlords. They also talk about the challenges property managers face when owners get too involved with tenants and the impact of emotional attachment on investment properties.

The conversation highlights the need for clear communication, documentation, and trust between landlords and property managers. They also emphasise the importance of running investment properties like a business and making informed decisions based on market conditions.

00:00 – Introduction

03:44 – Dos and Don’ts for Landlords

06:02 – Avoiding Emotional Attachment

09:54 – Trust in Property Managers

23:31 – Importance of Insurance

29:05 – Running Your Investment Property Like a Business

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