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13 Tactics Real Estate Agents Use Against You

by | Sep 29, 2021 | Podcasts, Urban Property Investor

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We are digging into some of the underhanded techniques that real estate agents use to list your property. In this episode, I go through 13 of them. Many real estate agents are the undoing of property investors, and that really upsets me. Real estate is a people sport, and some of the practices of real estate agents are centred around conditioning people. The goal of this show is to help you get better at holding real estate. The journey of owning a property is a long one, and you can’t allow yourself to get derailed by a predatorial real estate agent.

On this episode I discuss –

2:09 – Real estate is like red wine

13:02 – Can you trust real estate agents?

15:15 – Beware of predatory real estate agents

16:50 – Websites you need as a property investor

21:25 – Real estate agents who specialize in sabotaging you

28:10 – Agents don’t own real estate

33:52 – How to catch realtors peddling fake news

34:49 – Why there are more bad agents than good ones

48:48 – How to keep bad agents away

I mention in the episode the book Sold Above Market by Geoff Grist. If you like this episode, you’ll love this book. You can get it here or where all good books are sold.

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