Best of ’21 #3 Why 99% of People Fail In Real Estate

by | Jan 19, 2022 | Podcasts, Urban Property Investor

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Welcome to the BEST of ‘21 series on the podcast! This is week 3 of my four week holiday – and I can’t wait to bring to you my predictions for 2022 in the coming weeks. For now, here’s one of the most downloaded episodes of 2021.

Only 1% of people really succeed with real estate investing. So why do 99% of people fail – and what do you need to do to ensure you’re not one of them? If you own real estate already, today’s show just might burst your bubble. We explore property management and reveal what type of buyer you actually are. Nobody really wants to own anything, because when you own something you have to be accountable for it. So in this episode, we will talk about how to navigate the property owning journey. Because often the conversation in real estate is centered around buying and selling. But what about the big part in the middle? Welcome to Episode 78 of the Urban Property Investor! Enjoy!

4:40 – Why 99 percent of people fail in real estate

10:21 – Common problems with owning real estate

11:38 – What you can’t control when you own real estate

18:56 – Behavioral economics trumps everything else

22:23 – Invest in walkable urbanism

23:39 – Half of Australia is broke

27:38 – The problem with rent-for-life properties

32:23 – Is it time to upgrade your properties?

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