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How To Renovate And Win Big

by | Mar 10, 2021 | Podcasts, Urban Property Investor

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Wanting to start a reno but not sure where to begin?

It’s so enticing to renovate as soon as you buy an investment property – but if you choose well and think wisely, you’re better off waiting ten years and renovating with equity instead of cash.

Most people want to do a structural renovation on their home or IP, but often all that’s required is a cosmetic renovation. Unless you’re a professional renovator, structural renovation can be a major time and money blowout, not to mention the emotional investment!

On this episode, I discuss the variety of renovating options available to you.

Also, I reference design logic – which has an episode all to itself on Episode 17 – The Secret Language of Real Estate.

3:26 – Why Renovating Is So Popular

7:02 – Renovation traps

10:08 – Become a 10 Year Renovator

14:12 – The 4X Growth Plan and how it relates to renovation decisions

25:08 – The 10/30 rule

31:26 – How to renovate using equity instead of cash

36:05 – Structural vs Cosmetic Renovation

49:11 – How To Start A Reno

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