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The 4X Growth Plan For Real Estate Riches

by | Aug 26, 2020 | Podcasts, Urban Property Investor

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It’s time to get into the real nitty-gritty of cracking the code to real estate riches. On this episode, I reveal my 4X Growth Plan that I use for every single investment I make. I discuss cash on cash return and various strategies to create growth – from duplexes, amalgamations, renovating, buying off the plan, knockdown rebuilds, and more.

3:38 – The Nasty Side of Real Estate

5:40 – The 4X Growth Plan

7:28 – Real Estate’s Doubling Rate

7:55 – Cash on cash return

10:33 Here is the value bomb

12:05 – When Cash on Cash return is Fools Gold

14:38 – Creating $200k in a flat market

16:45 – Flipping real estate is not for me

18:33 – People getting obsessed with instant money

21:24 – Duplex Investing 101

23:15 – Amalgamation Investing

26:41 – Downsizing and my pet hates

28:59 – Renovating Strategies

34:10 – Knockdown Rebuild Strategy

39:00 – Buying off the planned Strategy

46:30 – Armchair Developing

50:30 – What my portfolio looks like

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