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Back to Basics

Feb 5, 2024 | Podcasts, Property Investor Tales

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Today I have the privilege of speaking with Justin and Sylvia Ridgeway. They have been invested in real estate for 13 years, but have only been the most active over the last few years. They joined Positive Real Estate back in 2020. I’ve asked them to come along today to share some of the knowledge that they’ve acquired along the way, and the learnings that they’ve experienced, which should help people just starting out as well as some that are already halfway through their investing journey.


0:00 – Investment journey with positive real estate coaches.

6:19 – Real estate investing experiences and strategies.

10:44 – Buying a property with a real estate agent.

17:21 – Real estate investment and property valuation.

22:06 – Real estate investment in Brisbane, Australia.

31:57 – Property investing journey with ups and downs.

35:08 – Property investment strategies and overcoming fear.

39:49 – Investment strategies and property valuations.

45:57 – Property investing, finances, and long-term planning.

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