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How To Future Proof Your Legacy

Jul 24, 2023 | Podcasts, Property Investor Tales

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My guest today is Alison Newman. This is actually our second interview with Alison and I thoroughly recommend you watch the First Episode (PIT EP 6 – From Domestic Violence to Investing Security with Alison Newman), Before you watch this second interview with her.

Today we cover Alison’s journey from adversity and violence to a place where she’s having absolutely astounding success. We go through a property deal that she’s just completed and settled on on Monday this week. And the results which I think you’ll find absolutely fascinating. And we’re all cheering Allison on based on her experience previously. So enjoy this conversation with the fabulous Allison.

0:00 – Introduction of the episode.

2:04 – Alison’s background.

6:53 – What is your daily routine like?

12:22 – The key rules for buying apartments.

19:04 – Selling the property for a profit.

26:09 – How to work out the rent yield.

30:47 – The feeling of settling into a new home.

36:04 – How commitment is key to success.

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